Setting new standards for system-level mobile benchmarking

Vellamo is designed to be an accurate, easy to use suite of system-level benchmarks for devices based on Android 2.3 forward. Vellamo began as a mobile web benchmarking tool that today has expanded to include two primary chapters. The HTML5 Chapter evaluates mobile web browser performance and the Metal Chapter measures the CPU subsystem performance of mobile processors.

You can download the Vellamo app for free* on Google Play. You’ll need to have a device that is Android 2.3 and forward for these tests to run.

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Simply launching a chapter triggers the run of the full suite of tests in that particular chapter, providing the user with an overall performance score. That score can then be uploaded and compared to the scores of other devices.

Vellamo Launch ScreenVellamo HTML5 Jellyfish ScreenVellamo Metal ChapterVellamo Results Screen

HTML5 Chapter Tests
The HTML5 Chapter is a set of system-level web browsing tests. This series of tests evaluates many of the underlying systems within a device, from graphics rendering and JavaScript to pixel blending and network stack performance. The HTML 5 Chapter tests are:

  • See the Sun Canvas
  • Pixel Blender
  • Canvas Crossfader
  • Aquarium Canvas
  • Sun Spider, v0.9.1
  • V8 Benchmark Suite
  • Surf Wax Binder
  • DOM Node Surfer
  • Reflo
  • Image Scroller
  • Ocean Scroller
  • WebGL Jellyfish
  • Inline Video
  • Load And Reload

Metal Chapter Tests
The Metal Chapter is a set of discrete lower-level benchmarks around the CPU. This series of tests evaluates capabilities such as: CPU performance on integer and floating point operations, memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance, and memory branching speed. The Metal Chapter tests are:

  • Dhrystone
  • Branch-K
  • Stream 5.9
  • RamJam
  • Storage

Extra Benchmarks
Vellamo offers a series of “extra” tests that cover a variety of mobile performance areas and are outside of the HTML5 and Metal chapters. The extra tests are:

  • Touch Screen Response
  • Advanced Video
  • Octane

You can download the full test descriptions here.

Vellamo is easy to download and run for a full range of users – whether you’re a wireless operator evaluating preloaded software, a developer testing browser performance or an individual consumer evaluating mobile performance.

If you have questions or comments, please write a review in Google Play, or contact us here.

* There is no charge for the rights granted under the Vellamo download agreement on Google Play